Samsung is preparing to launch its own crypto exchange in 2023

After metaverse and NFT, Samsung wants to create a platform specializing in cryptocurrencies through its Samsung Securities branch

The international electronics company once again demonstrates its ability to diversify by expanding into multiple sectors. 

This time, it's not about NFT or the metaverse but rather cryptocurrencies, regardless of the drop in value of Bitcoin lately

Samsung Securities has teamed up with several South Korean banks and brokers with the aim of obtaining authorization from the financial authorities to operate a real crypto exchange within South Korea.

Concretely, the objective is to be able to develop a real cryptocurrency trading platform.  And make it possible to buy, sell and store a multitude of cryptos like industry leaders such as Binance or FTX. 

In 2021, the company attempted to launch a token trading platform, but was unable to assemble the team of experts required to carry out the associated tasks. 

By taking this side, the South Korean president believes that it could unlock the “unlimited potential of the digital asset market”. 

If Samsung manages to develop this in south korea, then they could also export this type of service internationally and thus place itself ahead of Apple in the crypto race.