The architect is the professional figure who imagines and designs buildings, and guides their construction

Avg.Salary/yr       $85650

Highest paying jobs in USA

Civil Engineer

Civil Engineering is the branch that is responsible for the design, construction of infrastructures such as roads, railways, bridges, dams,, airports.

Avg.Salary/yr      $93,720


The dental surgeon is the professional in charge of oral health who not only focuses on the teeth, but also on the various organs that make up the oral cavity.

Avg.Salary/yr     $175,840


The surgeon is a medical specialist who uses surgical methods to treat diseases and injuries.

Avg.Salary/yr     $208,000


The lawyer is authorized  to provide legal advice and legal assistance to ensure compliance with  the law and the protection of his clients' rights.

Avg.Salary/yr     $144,230


Pilot is a person who operates a variety of aircraft, including large jumbo jets and helicopters.

Avg.Salary/yr    $130,440

Software Developer

IT expert who uses a programming language to create software for a computer

Avg.Salary/yr     $110,140