5 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

The situation on the labor market  is constantly changing. Professions that 10-20 years ago were among  the ten most highly paid and important, today are becoming unclaimed. This is a normal state of affairs, because nothing is permanent in the world.

Pilot $452,000 Avg/yr

Probably, no one will argue that the profession of a pilot requires not only excellent training, but also a special temperament. The pilot is responsible for many lives, this work, of course, should be well paid.

Dentist $233,000 Avg/yr

It is possible that being an orthodentist in Europe and the USA is a little less prestigious than a neurosurgeon or an anesthesiologist, but representatives of this profession do not complain about low salaries.

IT Manager $203,000 Avg/yr

The 21st century is the era of computer technology, and therefore the demand for professionals in this field is consistently high. Software development, data protection, system administration are areas in which a good specialist will not be left without work.

Lawyer $192,000 Avg/yr

Since any commercial organization is obliged to act within the law, the profession of a lawyer has been and remains one of the most sought after and profitable.

Surgeon $340,000 Avg/yr

The profession of a surgeon involves a high level of responsibility and risk and is paid accordingly. In addition, obtaining this profession requires many years of study and practice.