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How to Save Money in Student Life!

When you are a student, you have a lot of expenses to cover. From food and living expenses to living costs, and so on. This does not mean that you can not save some money. As a student, there are numerous ways to save money.

Nowadays, people’s living standards are quite high, and their usual consumption levels are also rising. College students, as a large group of consumers, spend a lot of money nowadays, because they can’t make money without jobs. In order to reduce consumption, they can only Find ways to save money.

Here are my 25 simple tips to save money as a college student!

Because I’ve been there, I recommend that any student really consider the following suggestions!

  • Do not go shopping when you are hungry, you risk being tempted unnecessarily.
  • Make sure you eat full healthy meals, get plenty of sleep, and exercise too! One of the best long-term ways of saving money is taking care of your body.
  • Quit smoking or limit your drinking/weed. Yes, if you are a smoker, you could spend 2k USD a year or more to feed your bad habit. (if either applies to you).
  • College is an excellent opportunity to meet new people. Allow yourself to attend social events, but don’t feel obligated to attend every single one.
  • Work-study programs may be available at your school. The institution has set aside employment for students around campus. You can work for minimum wage while still attending classes.
  • Don’t take your bank card when you go out at night. This will force you to spend only what you have.
  • Also, another tip to save money is to order appetizers or smaller meals whenever you eat out, and then eat more at home either before/after you go out.
  • Always make a grocery list before leaving home, no more unexpected purchases that exceed your student budget!
  • Do plenty of research before deciding on something big. If your parents cannot afford to pay, apply for scholarships, grants, or part-time jobs that provide tuition aid. At 35, you don’t want to be in debt.
  • Don’t buy bottled water, tap water is always good. If you really don’t like the taste, invest in a filter jug.
  • Be wise and try to have at least one day without spending every week, for example walking instead of taking the bus.
  • Negotiate your rent, You have nothing to lose by asking for a rent reduction.
  • Don’t buy stupid shit. You don’t need a $2,000 MacBook to be like everyone else. Spend half the price on a Windows laptop that smokes that MacBook.
  • Consider phone insurance, Insurance obviously costs money, but it can save you from paying for a new phone or costly repairs.
  • Use your student ID card to go to the movies, Take advantage of student discounts!
  • Go to the food pantry at your school if they have one.
  • Never buy textbooks (rent them, find the pdf downloads and even go to your campus library and check them out for 2 hours you just can’t take them with you)
  • If you are living off-campus get roommates and see if they wanna split some groceries with you sometimes like eggs, milk, and even water.
  • When you make a purchase look for a used version that you can sell later on for about what you paid for it.
  • Drinking makes sure to pregame before you go out and like put some extra in a to-go cup-like Starbucks
  • Hang out at your friend’s place instead of going out to do potlucks or invite your friends over for board games, drinks, and food you guys prepared.
  • Get a student ID even if you don’t think you need it there are many places that offer student discounts even tattoo/piercing parlors
  • Use your college’s resources to the max such as on-campus events, libraries, and clubs, and participate in studies like psychology that can give you a free gift card, tutor center, and computer labs to print out stuff or do your work on.
  • Don’t forget to set aside money for goodies! People who are very frugal when it is unnecessary tend to splurge/overspend at the worst possible times.
  • When you go to the dentist, physiotherapist, etc pay with your Credit card and then submit the claim manually instead of direct billing. This way you collect points on your credit card.
  • Exercise can make you more energetic to control your time, and it can also keep you away from obesity and disease, and save a considerable amount of medical expenses.

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We hope you find these tips useful as a student.

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