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Giroud is now the all-time top goal Scorer for France

France striker Giroud hits 51 goals in all-time. Giroud started the match against Australia in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group D Round 1 held on the 22nd, and scored the winning goal with his right foot in the 32nd minute when the score was 1-1, making it 3-1. In the 71st minute, he headed in Kylian Mbappe’s cross to record his second goal of the match. He played until the 89th minute and contributed to the 4-1 win.

With two goals in the game, Giroud now has a record 51 goals for the French national team. This was tied with the record of former French national team forward Thierry Henry. Henry reached it in his 123rd game, while Giroud reached it in his 114th match, nine fewer.

According to the British media “talkSPORT”, Giroud said after the match: “It’s obviously a great honor to be side by side with French football legend Titi (Henri’s nickname). It’s an honor. We’re in the competition and we won’t stop there. I also want to help everyone on my side and I want to help them get their job done,” he said.

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