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France wins brilliant come-from-behind victory over Australia

In Group D France won a comfortable 4-1 victory over Australia. With a brilliant come-from-behind victory, they made a good start toward their second consecutive victory.

In the match that was the same as the first match of the previous tournament, Australia opened the scoring with a goal from FW Goodwin in the 9th minute. In the 27th minute, France’s MF Rabiot scored with his head to tie the score, seizing the flow, and 5 minutes later, FW Giroud pushed in Rabiot’s pass and reversed. Australia’s Cummings (right) tries to break through with dribbling in the second half (22nd) (photo by Satomi Lab)

France took the initiative in the second half, and in the 68th minute, FW Mbappe, the main candidate for this tournament, scored with a header to score the third goal. And Giroud scored his second goal of the game to keep the win going.

Deschamps, France’s head coach, said with satisfaction, “We started the match well. We need to improve when we conceded a goal, but both the experienced players and the young players showed their strengths.” “He’s already one of the best players in the world, confident, calm and focused on the game,” he said of Mbappe, who is expected to do well in the tournament.

France will play Denmark on the 26th, and Australia will play Tunisia on the same day.

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