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Average Salary of an Engineers in the USA

Average Salary of an Engineers in the USA 2022

Engineers are required in various industries, and almost everywhere they are offered high salaries. Over the past year, it has increased by about 10%. No American company, either in production or in construction, can do without engineers.

An engineer who has worked less than a year earns an average of $55,000. A specialist with more than 25 years of experience has a salary of about $127,800.

The average salary for women is about $76,000, while for men it is $96,000.

Factors affecting the salary:

employer company level,
region of work.

Job responsibilities:

preparation of those documentation,
cost control,
work with design and contractor organizations,
control over the supply of necessary equipment and materials,
technical supervision of work performance,
registration of buildings and layouts in the relevant state. bodies,
participation in the delivery of the object to the customer.

Knowledge and skills:

work with AutoCad and other programs,
know the laws, SNIPs, GOSTs in construction,
know the technology of evaluating the work performed,
materials and technologies that are used in the construction of facilities.

Figures refer to engineering graduates 6 months after receiving a university degree.

The survey was conducted from August 10th to October 10th, 2021, with 7215 people. Unemployed students and engineers working outside the United States are not included in this survey.

% employed
Average salary
per year
Petroleum Engineer80%$93 500
Aerospace Engineering82%$71 816
Agricultural Engineering93%$61 665
Biological Systems Engineering93%$60 839
Chemical Engineering83%$71 744
Civil Engineering95%$61 572
Computer Engineering90%$76 660
Construction Engineering100%$65 232
Electrical Engineering93%$72 034
Industrial Engineering92%$67 675
Materials Engineering78%$69 072
Mechanical Engineering81%$66 611
Software Engineering90%$76 912

According to the same study, 95% of graduates were employed in their specialty 6 months after graduation, and 70% had a job offer from employers at the time of graduation!

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