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What is NFT! Features & Merits of NFT

NFT opensea

NFT is an abbreviation for Non Fungible Token. It is based on the blockchain technology that is also used in to prove that digital items (art, real estate, music, etc.) are unique . According to a survey, the expected market…

Future of Cryptocurrency & its Advantages and Disadvantages

cryptocurrency future

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies created using cryptography on blockchain technology that are decentralized and not controlled by any central authority or any government. Some examples of cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, ETH, TETHER, BNB and DOGE. Cryptocurrency craze is increasing every day…

How to Save Money in Student Life!


When you are a student, you have a lot of expenses to cover. From food and living expenses to living costs, and so on. This does not mean that you can not save some money. As a student, there are…

World Top Richest by Region Country & City!


Each year, the famous Forbes publication publishes a list of the richest and most successful people in the world. The 30 richest people in the world own $ 1.30 trillion, which is closer to Australia’s annual GDP. Elon Musk was…

Average Salary of an Engineers in the USA 2022

Average Salary of an Engineers in the USA

Engineers are required in various industries, and almost everywhere they are offered high salaries. Over the past year, it has increased by about 10%. No American company, either in production or in construction, can do without engineers. An engineer who…