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Thoughts to transfer? It’s normal.

jordan-85I’m back at USC for my second semester! To be honest, I had some thoughts about transferring during my first semester. But I think it’s a normal feeling for many college freshmen. CSO’s Matt Rubinoff and Cara Martin visited me on campus and we shot this video blog about how I overcame my thoughts to transfer and am happy I did. I love USC!

Sorry about the grainy video. Matt forgot his FlipVideo so this is taken on his phone.

A holiday poem from Center for Student Opportunity

CSOlogo-85‘Twas the night before college application deadlines and all through the town
Each and every student was stirring, at least one with a frown.
From considering publics, to privates, Ivies, Big Ten, and more
Each student was hoping to send in their highest test score



Most were quite stressed, but none touched their beds,
As visions of application essays danced in their heads.
Some were on twitter and facebook taking the process in stride,
And everyone wished for a copy of the
College Access & Opportunity Guide.


Making sure that the schools promoted access, opportunity, and success
These future college graduates had learned to determine great colleges from the rest.
“How will I afford college? Will I need loans?
What will my financial aid package be?,” These students moaned.


On to CSO College Center they went to sign up to be Opportunity Scholars
Where what to their eyes did appear but hundreds of colleges and ways to get dollars
They wrote to “Ask the Experts” for the answers to all they should know,
Then checked out the
blog and read of ten others—also first in their family to go.


Having utilized CSO, they had done all that they could to prepare
Now the question was not if, how, or when, but merely to where.
Fast forward to spring, when from outside the mailbox there arose such a holler
I got in, I got in—I’m truly an
Opportunity Scholar.


Help students become first in their family to go to college and make all of their holiday and college wishes come true. Donate to Center for Student Opportunity.

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Welcome 10 new student bloggers!

CSOlogo85x85We’ve added 10 fresh(men) faces to the blog for the new school year—all beat the odds to become the first in their family to attend college and began their first semesters this fall! They join our original 10 student bloggers, now college sophomores, who together will be using this blog to diary their college experiences—the good and the bad—and to offer advice to college-bound students like you on preparing for college.

Meet the Opportunity Scholars Bloggers here. Follow these students closely because they are truly role models from whom we can all learn. And leave us comments and questions by clicking “What do you think?” at the bottom of each post. We want to hear from you!

You too can become an Opportunity Scholar by completing a ConnectNow profile on CSO College Center and using the website to research and connect with colleges active in the recruitment of first-generation, low-income, and minority students. At the end of your senior year, Opportunity Scholars have a chance to apply for CSO’s $2,000 Opportunity Scholarship and become one of our future bloggers.

Best of luck on your journey to college!

Video Blogging: Taking the leap to college

joseph-85CSO’s Executive Director Matt Rubinoff came to campus and we did some video blogging. Here I encourage you to think outside-the-box and venture away from home for college. Sorry about the rain and thunder background noise; it was not your typical sunny California day!

Video blogging with Seanna

seanna-85Hey Everyone! I’m back at Pomona for my second semester. CSO’s Executive Director Matt Rubinoff stopped by campus to visit and pulled out his Flip Video. Here I reflect on my experience so far at Pomona and offer some advice for current high school students on choosing the best college for you.

Makin’ it rain with Financial Aid!!

jesse-85Finally back at school! Semester #2, Here we go! But how are you going to pay for college though?? Watch my first video blog to find out!

Managing your time in college

khadijah-85Reflecting on my first semester in college, my biggest struggle was with time management. In this video, I share some advice for what to expect in college and how to manage your time so you succeed.

Asking for help

khadijah-85I’ve been back in Los Angeles for break, and Matt Rubinoff, CSO’s Executive Director, visited me this weekend. Of course he brought his Flip Video. Here’s some advice on asking for help and finding a mentor to help you get to college.

Don’t forget your roots…eat a burrito!

jesse-85I love being back home but also can’t wait to get back to school. Take a look at this video taken after dinner at an awesome local taco shop.