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The Unexpected

dalonn-85adrianna&dalonn_150When life throws you a curve ball, what do you do? On September 26th, 2009, I lost a very close friend, Adrianna Duffy, due to pulmonary embolism. She was only 17 years old when she left us. I met her a few years back at an A Better Chance (ABC) southern college tour. We had an instant connection. I was surprised that Adrianna already knew what she wanted to study, how long it would take her, what graduate school she wanted to attend. She had big plans and mapped her life out. I loved this about her. When I received the sad news, I was in class checking my emails. ABC had notified all the scholars of her passing away. When I read it, it didn’t register. I didn’t want to believe it. I had spoken to her a few weeks ago and even sent a text to her. I never got a text back from her; I thought she had to have been extremely busy with college. The sudden loss was a heartbreaker. I still keep her number in my phone, still in disbelief and hoping someday my phone will ring and it is her.

How to cope with losing a very close loved one? It is not easy; you will be sad, angry, and confused. I felt like I was at my lowest point. I was very low emotionally. I honestly couldn’t focus in class, in fact, I couldn’t focus in general. Luckily for me, my professors excused me from class for the day and I was able to go home and to the funeral. It was not easy bouncing back. I was behind in class and had to work twice as hard to catch up. But I did it. Things happen in life that are often unexpected. However, it is up to you to overcome those obstacles. Never give up! In some sense this was a wakeup call. Tomorrow is not a promise so make the most of today.

Something Different…Life

dalonn-85Fresh air, a new environment, and the future awaited me. I arrived at school several days before classes actually started.  The adjustment wasn’t too hard. Everything was just how I imagined. The people were friendly, full of activities, and most of all I fit in. This is the life I said. Arriving early to school had many advantages. I was able to learn the buildings and areas around class. Also I had time to scope out the scenery. When I first arrived I worked a week for the event management staff and got involved in the flag football organization. My time was limited and everything seemed rush. I had too much going on at one time. Both my father and I thought it would be best for me to not work until second semester. I didn’t want to rush my studies. Football was good because it not only allowed me to stay in shape but also gave me a break from studies and relaxed me. Within a few days before school started, I already formed a group of friends. We played basketball, football, we walked the city, and we all were welcoming.

My roommates moved in and it was exciting. I live in a suite so there were many faces to get accustomed to. In my room I have two roomies, Nate and Steve. All together there are eight guys living in the suite. Most of them are from the New York and New Jersey area. My closest relationship was with Justin. He is a student manager of the basketball team. We had an instant connection. Already he felt like a brother to me.  On weekends we went to Brooklyn, his home town, many times. He showed me around the city and introduced me to the family. Already, I had a family away from home.

Classes started and it was pretty laid back. I take Philosophy, Theology- Intro to Christianity, Geo-Science, Western History, and Discover New York, which is my favorite class. We are required to do six hours of community service. The objective of the class is to learn the history of New York and to explore it. The hard part was getting all my books. Some of my books weren’t in our school bookstore so it required me to travel outside of school to get them. However, that only helped me explore my surroundings.

TIPS to Success

  • Remember to always keep the syllabus your professor gives you.
  • Sit up front and introduce yourself.
  • Be early.
  • Bring all necessary materials.
  • Ask questions even if you think it’s silly, no question is too silly.
  • Remember this is your education. Get the most out of it.
  • Email your professors.
  • If possible read more than assigned, therefore you are a step ahead of the game.