Khadijah Williams

College: Harvard University Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

My name is Khadijah Williams, and I’m a freshman at Harvard University from Los Angeles, California. I’m so excited about my first year and all that I can learn and for all the growth I will experience just in my first year. My life has given me many opportunities to push myself to my best ability, and for that I do not begrudge my past experiences as a homeless student. Like many students who are first generation university students, the amount of learning and the sheer amount of work can be overwhelming. I, however, am so happy for the opportunity to help my family and set an example for other youth that I consider these challenges, like others, great opportunities for learning. I’m interested in helping other students in my situation and similar situations as a career; no matter what I ultimately choose to do, I definitely will continue to be involved in my community.

While I’m not sure of my undergraduate major as of yet, I’m considering majoring in Social Studies. I enjoy debating and I’m currently on Harvard’s Parliamentary Debate team. I enjoy theater and hope to participate as a thespian next year.  I’m thankful for all the people in my life who have helped me on my path to higher learning, and I’m thankful the opportunity to help other students realize that they can succeed as well.

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