Joseph Dingman

College: Occidental College Hometown: Pueblo, CO

College: Occidental College Hometown: Pueblo, CO

Hello, I’m Joseph Dingman. I was born in Pueblo, Colorado on December 27th, 1990. My parents,  Rex and Jeni Dingman, read to me as a child and I credit them for much of my academic success. I believe literacy is important because it provides the basis for so much of what we must comprehend. However, I think there is actually much more to learning than literacy, and that is the willingness to tackle new disciplines and schools of thought, something else which I am no stranger to.  As a matter of fact, my hope is to one day enter politics.  In the summer of 2008 I was elected as a delegate to The American Legion’s Boy’s Nation in Washington D.C.  Also,  I have worked on numerous campaigns in my native Colorado for prominent Federal, State, and Local lawmakers since the 7th grade.  My true passion for politics stems from both the fact that I view government as a tool that we can use to advance the interests of our community and my deep concern for human welfare which my family instilled in me.

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