DuyLam Nguyen-Ngo

College: Babson College Hometown: Richmond, VA

What can I say about myself in 200 words? For starters, my name is DuyLam Nguyen-Ngo; it encompasses all I ever was, all that I am, all that I ever will be. But I have to pay dues to the people who have influenced and molded my name because I believe every single one of us are just the sum of all the events of all our lives, meaning our experiences. And all of these experiences and events are filled with the ones we love and perhaps the ones we don’t so much. Thus this name of mine is not only mine, but of the lives of others from whom I have gained so much.

So thank you, Mom. Thank you, Auntie TT and Uncle Van. Thank you, Auntie Trang and Uncle Todd. Thank you, Gina. Thank you, Ian. Thank you, Brian and Brian and David and Priya and Alex and Laurie and Mike and Jhosdyn. To all of those strangers who have lit my path for my next step, thank you as well. I hope I have told you, the reader, so much about me without telling you anything at all. Let’s take this next walk together.

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duylam-85Dear CSO readers & my blog,

I have fallen short of my aims to update this blog regularly. Perhaps you think I am a ghost and my experience is lackluster. Far from it. Okay, I’m just being a bit dramatic. But ser…

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duylam-85I must say from the get-go I never really had a “mentor” or someone who helped me along the college process, at least not in the strictest sense. And this is true for many first generation students. We just…

Unlike this post, do not be super late with your FAFSA form

duylam-85I think the post title sums it all up, hah.

I am tempted to make a Vlog, like my fellow scholar, and perhaps I will ride his coat tails later on.

But that is the biggest tip I can tell you. You should definitely check out…

Our work is never over

duylam-85I was going to keep some of the more major things I’ve been doing at college under wraps, but in light of a series of events that have occured back home I feel the need to stop being so abstract and “wise man&#…


duylam-85This is post is going to be a McFlurry of things – just a heads up.

I was recently talking to a friend of mine at Babson, Alex, and he told me he wanted to transfer to Stanford or USC [both in his home state]. But he said…

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