Ashley Roberts

College: Illinois Wesleyan Home: St. Peters, MO

College: Illinois Wesleyan University Hometown: St. Peters, MO

Hi! My name is Ashley. I’m attending Illinois Wesleyan University and majoring in Psychology with a concentration on Pre- Law. I want to be a child advocate, and do some volunteer as a Guardian Ad Litem. I was born in Saint Louis, Missouri and have lived in Imperial, Fenton, and Saint Peters, Missouri as well.

To give you a little background and reasons to me and my goals in life, you need to know something about me. When I was 11 years old I was placed by Division of Family Services, aka foster care. I was in the foster home for 6 months and then moved in with family. You could say growing up was tricky.

But I made it. I didn’t want to follow the statistics about foster children. So I worked hard and made something out of myself. It was challenging at first, especially with no one really believing in me. But I made it.

I was accepted into a really good school and I am making something out of myself. This is my opportunity to be who I am and show what I am capable of succeeding. I plan on doing whatever I can to achieve and to also help kids reach their dreams and let them know they have support.

Any questions, please ask!

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