Angelica Robinson

College: Dillard University Hometown: New Orleans

College: Dillard University Hometown: New Orleans, LA

My name is Angelica Robinson. I am 18 years old, a freshman in college. I am the oldest of my mothers five children. Being an elder sibling is both a gift and a curse. I have to be careful with my decisions, my life is an example for my younger siblings. I must further my education, not only for personal gain, but to also set the stage for my brothers to do what’s right.

I am a New Orleans native. I can honestly say that the culture of my city has shaped my life. Having to rebuild my home at age 15 due to Hurricane Katrina, gave me the strength to crash through any barricade, leap over any hurdle. I chose to stay in New Orleans to further my education. I have received the privilege to attend Dillard University, which is one of the two HBCU‘s in New Orleans. Attending an Historically Black College or University has always been my dream. I am living my dream thanks to hard work and perseverance.

While attending Dillard University, my major will be Mass Communications/ Journalism with a Creative Writing minor. Writing is my passion. My writing allows others to catch a glimpse of my world. Writing is also my security blanket. It has kept my head above water many times, words saved my life. I’ve always felt that writing is essential to the human condition, to heal and restore both soul and mind. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to further my education and my writing career — I am truly thankful for this. I hope my writing will inspire and give others the strength to overcome their obstacles and to find the courage to open up their world.

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